Santa Clarita is one of the healthiest places to travel and live!

At least according to Expedia’s travel blog, Viewfinder it is. Santa Clarita was named one of the fifteen healthiest places to travel in Viewfinder’s, “2018 Wellness Report”  published on October 30th.

It’s easy to see why Santa Clarita was named one of the healthiest places to travel. Santa Clarita boasts 34 beautiful parks, 20 miles of picturesque Paseos, 80 miles of beautiful hiking trails, miles of bicycle lanes, fitness centers, aquatics center and so much more!

Don’t forget the Santa Clarita Marathon as well!  Every November thousands of runners commit to the marathon which qualifies them for the Boston marathon.

It’s not all about outdoor activity either. Santa Clarita has a variety of healthy food options as well.  From Eat Real Cafe, Fresh Health  Cafe, Lyfe Kitchen to Whole Foods grocery store there are healthy options everywhere.  One of my favorites is Newhall Refinery a farm-to-fork restaurant dedicated to serve natural sustainable products that produce the best possible flavor!

To find the healthiest places to travel, Expedia rated each city based on their greenspace, spas, fitness, food, and groups/events. Santa Clarita scored a 21 out of 25 along with  Honolulu, Hawaii; Aurora, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona. Good company to say the least!

Whether you’re looking for a healthy place to travel or live, Santa Clarita really has something for everyone!  Come and take a look.  You won’t be disappointed!

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