Agua Dulce

Offers A Small Town Community In The Heart Of California!

You may have thought places like Agua Dulce, a small town gem about 20 miles Northeast of Santa Clarita only existed in the movies.  Well I’m happy to tell you Agua Dulce is real and thriving!  Here everyone really does know everyone else and the bonds of neighbors and families are held dear.  Here the highlight of the year is the County Fair and Parade which brings generations of citizens and tourists out for the day!  In Agua Dulce you can enjoy riding your horse downtown or on the many trails that are available or you can climb the majestic rocks of Vasquez Canyon, enjoy a picnic by the stream or enjoy a glass of wine or two at the Agua Dulce Winery!

Why Agua Dulce?

I'm Glad You Asked!

Agua Dulce has a population of approximately 4000 people with more arriving daily!  It expands approximately 25 miles across the state of California. It’s rural, peaceful and quiet setting with rolling hills, horses out in the pastures and large ranch properties surrounded by white picket fences are some of the main attractions to new residents.   Agua Dulce also has a rich history from the last Native inhabitants, the Tataviam who are believed to have arrived in the area around 450D to Vasquez Rocks which got their name from the famous bandit Tiburcio Vásquez, called by some “The Mexican Robin Hood” who used the rocks as a hideout around 1850.  The town starting really thriving with the Homestead Act of 1862 which was drafted by Abraham Lincoln himself!  More recent history includes the many films and television shows which are filmed in Agua Dulce and it’s surrounding areas on a regular basis.  Some of those films include The Flintstones (you can still view some of the sets today) and Blazing Saddles.  From the rich history to the beautiful setting Agua Dulce is one of my favorite places here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Agua Dulce Homes For Sale

From Sprawling Ranches To Quaint Condos You Can Find It All In Agua Dulce Homes For Sale!

Agua Dulce homes for sale offers a wide variety of living options from sweeping ranches, to single family homes to charming condos and apartments.  The amount of Agua Dulce homes for sale being built is increasing rapidly to meet the demand.  Imagine waking up to the crisp, clean air, gazing at the snow peaked mountains and waving to your next door neighbors as they go horseback riding on the trails.  What a way to start the day!  Now you know why Agua Dulce homes for sale are so popular!  The Median Home Value in Agua Dulce homes for sale is $500,700 with the Average Median Income being 88K. Active listings in Agua Dulce homes for sale, sell relatively fast with the average days on market being around 32 days.  Agua Dulce homes for sale prices range from the low 200K to over a million dollars for the larger ranch style homes.  A large contributing factor to Agua Dulce homes for sale popularity is their airport which opened to the public in 1958.  The Agua Dulce residents have a great respect for their environment and allow only propeller-driven and rotorcraft aircrafts to fly out of the airport.  There are no jet aircrafts allowed.  This not only helps the environment but the noise pollution as well.  If you’re looking for a beautiful rural town that is still close to all the amenities of a big city then Agua Dulce homes for sale is the right choice for you!

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